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AVCA Official Submission to Ministry of Health NZ re: E-Cigarettes

Here is the full text of the official submission that AVCA has made to the New Zealand Ministry of Health regarding the policy document/legalisation of nicotine containing e-liquid and ENDS/E-Cigarettes for retail sale as a consumer product.  



Part A, addresses issues in the MoH Policy Document

Part B,  addresses issues in the NSFWG Background Document




AVCA Nicotine Policy Statement

AVCA Consumer Bill of Rights

AVCA Vendor Certification Guidelines

AVCA Vendor Satisfaction Survey (May 2016)

AVCA  Supporter Signatures of AVCA/Submission

We hope some may find this helpful in making their own submissions, as well as providing insight into the vaping situation and community.  

If there are any questions at all, please let us know.

Nancy Loucas

Nancy Loucas

Nancy comes from a diverse administrative background that includes surgical research administration, teaching (primary and tertiary level), executive administration and community property management. For over 15 years she has been very active in community advocacy with youth, lower income folk needing advocacy and now, vaping advocacy. She brings a wealth of scientific, medical and research administrative/management knowledge with her to her role as CEO/Director at AVCA.

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