As we all know, the topic of Safer Nicotine Consumer Products, which includes Electronic Liquid Vaporisers – ELVs (aka Electronic Cigarettes) is a very controversial issue worldwide.  AVCA’s approach is of Tobacco Harm Reduction through providing information, education and advocacy within New Zealand as well as collaborating with consumer advocacy groups worldwide.

With the deeming regulations from the FDA in the US, along with regulatory issues in the TPD in the UK and within the European Union, it is important to keep abreast of what is going on outside of NZ to assist with the process within NZ.

This page is specifically for those who wish to keep up to date with international advocacy.

International Consumer Advocacy Groups/Organisations:

Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates

Vaping Advocacy and Education Project (Canada)

New Nicotine Alliance (UK)

Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives (USA)

International Conferences/Symposia:

Global Forum on Nicotine

E Cigarette Summit:

International Research Organisations/Think Tanks:

E-Research Foundation:

The Counterfactual: