AVCA Official Submission to Ministry of Health NZ re: E-Cigarettes

Here is the full text of the official submission that AVCA has made to the New Zealand Ministry of Health regarding the policy document/legalisation of nicotine containing e-liquid and ENDS/E-Cigarettes for retail sale as a consumer product.   SUBMISSION/COVERPAGE ADDENDUM Part A, addresses issues in the MoH Policy Document Part B,  addresses issues in the NSFWG Background […]

AVCA Vape Cooperative Pilot Program

What is it? This resource location or “vape cooperative”  is a one stop shop for harm reduction – specifically tobacco harm reduction.    Individuals can access information, guidance, and equipment to make the switch from combustible tobacco smoking to vaping.  It is run by an AVCA VIF Mentor/Advocate who volunteers their time and knowledge to educate […]


AVCA APPROVED VENDOR – RESELLER PROGRAM  What is the AVCA Approved Vendor Program? The AVCA Approved Vendor Program for Resellers is a process by which consumers of vaping products in New Zealand can be guaranteed that the vendors in the program agree to conform to the guidelines set out in the AVCA Approved Vendors – […]