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I am writing today to ask you, as a Member of the Health Committee, to help protect our access to healthier tobacco alternatives in the Smokefree Bill.

I was a smoker for a long time. But the governments proactive and sensible approach to less harmful alternatives enabled me to kick the habit and live a healthier life.

Quitting wasn’t easy – and I know it isn’t for many people – but easy access to a range of affordable options helped me to find what worked best.

For me, that meant an e-cigarette.

And thanks to the access to e-cigarettes in our country, I’ve managed to stay smoke free.

Reducing the number of cigarette outlets is a significant move – but doing the same for healthier alternatives will just push more people back towards cigarettes or on to the black market.

So for the sake of switchers like me – and current smokers that could lead a healthier life – I urge you and the rest of the committee to use the Smokefree Bill to protect our access to vapes and e-cigarettes.

Nancy Loucas

Nancy Loucas

Nancy comes from a diverse administrative background that includes surgical research administration, teaching (primary and tertiary level), executive administration and community property management. For over 15 years she has been very active in community advocacy with youth, lower income folk needing advocacy and now, vaping advocacy. She brings a wealth of scientific, medical and research administrative/management knowledge with her to her role as CEO/Director at AVCA.

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